Brian T. Wahlin
Ph.D., P.E., D.WRE
Vice President,
Tempe, AZ

Dr. Wahlin has over 18 years of experience in irrigation, hydrology, hydraulics, sedimentation, geomorphology, flow measurement techniques, and hydraulic laboratory studies as a consultant, manager, researcher, teacher, and author. He is skilled in the use and development of hydraulic models for flood hazard studies; dam failure inundation modeling; flood control, geomorphic and sedimentation studies; and the preparation of flood insurance studies and letters of map revision for streams. While at WEST, Dr. Wahlin developed a training tool for canal operators which allows them to operate the canal system via a hydraulic model in a manner similar to a flight simulator for training pilots. This unique project involved complex coding to link an unsteady HEC-RAS model of an irrigation canal to an existing Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system for the Central Arizona Project.

Before joining WEST, Dr. Wahlin worked for 11 years with the US Water Conservation Laboratory in Phoenix, AZ, deeply involved in the Laboratory’s pioneering research in the automatic control of irrigation water delivery systems. For his Ph.D. dissertation, he developed a methodology to modify existing control algorithms to effectively control an entire branching canal network instead of just a single inline canal. Dr. Wahlin is the chair of the ASCE/EWRI Task Committee on Recent Advances in Canal Automation as well as the President of the Phoenix Branch of ASCE. He is also a member of USCID and ASCE/EWRI. Dr. Wahlin is a lead instructor for several of WEST’s HEC-RAS courses (basic, unsteady, and dam break) as well as WEST’s Streambank Stabilization and Protection course presented across the nation.