Christopher R. Goodell
Manager, and Director of Applied Research,
Portland, OR

Mr. Goodell is a senior hydraulic engineer with WEST Consultants and manages the Portland, Oregon office.  He has over 19 years of experience in river mechanics, sediment transport, hydraulic design, and computational hydraulic modeling and is a registered Professional Engineer in the states of Oregon, Washington, and Alaska.  Mr. Goodell possesses a strong educational background in hydraulics, refined at both the International Institute for Hydraulic Engineering (UNESCO-IHE) and at the Corps of Engineers Hydrologic Engineering Center (HEC).  His work experience includes watershed hydrology, hydraulic design studies on multipurpose hydropower projects, river and stream restoration, bridge hydraulics studies, flood control projects, sediment/erosion projects, hydraulic computational model development, dam breach studies, and fish passage design.

Mr. Goodell is a contributing author to the HEC-RAS User’s and Hydraulic Reference Manuals and was an editor for the Federal Highways’ Hydraulic Engineering Circular No. 26, “Culvert Design for Aquatic Organism Passage.”  Mr. Goodell has taught HEC-RAS courses since 2001.  He currently teaches HEC-RAS courses through ASCE and he conceived and developed the “Dam Breach Analysis using HEC-RAS” course. 

Prior to joining WEST Consultants, Mr. Goodell spent over two years employed by HEC where he served on the HEC-RAS team.  While there, he worked on software development while incorporating stable channel design and sediment transport capacity functionality into HEC-RAS; he also developed the graphical user interface for the Sediment Impact Assessment Model.  Mr. Goodell was a technical guidance specialist at HEC and provided consultation and advice on the use of HEC-RAS to hydraulic engineers throughout the United States and around the world.   He is an expert in dam and levee breach analyses using HEC-RAS. Mr. Goodell continues to write code and develop computer applications with WEST Consultants, including MCBreach, a Monte Carlo driven probabilistic software application for dam breach modeling using HEC-RAS.