David C. Curtis
Vice President,
Folsom, CA

For the past 40 years, Dr. Curtis has been on the leading edge of flood risk management services. He has been involved in the design, development, and implementation of award winning innovations in more than 50 automated environmental monitoring systems across the US and in 18 countries abroad. Fault-tolerant designs, dual redundant computer configurations, and integrated networks are among the concepts advanced by Dr. Curtis. In addition, Dr. Curtis has contributed significantly to the economic analysis of flood warning systems, quantified the communication capacities of ALERT flood warning systems, and developed procedures for designing gage networks. Recently, Dr. Curtis has been applying new weather information technologies such as radar-rainfall estimates to hydrologic analysis and modeling.

Following a career as a flash flood hydrologist for the National Weather Service, Dr. Curtis co-founded a hydrologic software company specializing in flood warning, which later merged with a manufacturer of hydro-meteorological instrumentation. Internationally recognized as an expert on hydrology, Dr. Curtis has authored more than seventy technical articles and reports. In June 1989, Dr. Curtis accepted the Computerworld/Smithsonian Award for Innovative Uses of Information Technology in the “Energy, Natural Resources, and Environment” category.  Dr. Curtis is the President of the National Hydrologic Warning Council