Hatch Airport Fish Passage and Habitat Restoration Project (OR)
Hatch Airport is a single runway airport located southeast of Stayton, Oregon, along the North Santiam River. The runway is situated perpendicular to the river’s flow path in the right (north) floodplain. Under normal conditions, the runway is a hydraulic control to a side channel located in the right floodplain. The channel flows through a 3-ft corrugated metal pipe culvert beneath the runway. The culvert is undersized and routinely traps debris at higher flow events. In addition, the limited hydraulic capacity and backwater effect of the existing culvert has promoted sediment deposition. The influence of the culvert limits the amount of flow in the Side Channel during summer low-flow months. The Side Channel is a potential spawning and rearing habitat for fish species. WEST Consultants, Inc. conducted a study to define the potential benefits and impacts of installing a larger culvert under the Hatch Airport Runway. Specifically, flooding conditions in the vicinity of the airport were evaluated. Recommendations were also provided regarding protection of the entrance to the Side Channel and other habitat restoration measures along the channel based on the results of the hydraulic modeling.