Morganza to the Gulf of Mexico (MTOG) Hurricane Projects, Interior Drainage Study (LA)
The Morganza, Louisiana, to the Gulf of Mexico (MTOG) Hurricane Protection Project is located approximately 60 miles south of New Orleans, and includes portions of Terrebonne and Lafourche Parishes. The area is bounded to the west by Bayou Dularge and State Highway 311 to the north and the east by Bayou Lafourche and to the south by the Gulf of Mexico. The purpose of the Hurricane Protection Project is to reduce hurricane and flood damages in an environmentally sustainable manner in the Houma area and protect development and the remaining fragile marsh from hurricane storm surge. The hurricane protection project will also evaluate interior drainage on the protected side of the proposed hurricane levee system.

The study area is bounded by Louisiana State Highways 398 and 662 on the West, Bayou Lafourche and Louisiana State Highway 1 on the North, Bayou Lafourche and Grand Bayou on the East, and the Gulf of Mexico on the south. Major cities within the study area include Houma and Thibodaux. The total drainage area within the study area is about 695 square miles (mi2

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Mississippi Valley Division, New Orleans District (MVN), contracted WEST Consultants, Inc. (WEST) to update and extend the limits of existing hydrology and hydraulic models that were developed in 1998, for use in analyzing economic reaches within the Morganza to the Gulf Hurricane Protection Project area. The hydrology for the project area was determined using HEC-1, and the hydraulics are computed using UNET.