Hydrologic Data Collection and Hydrographic Surveys

The River Measurement Division of WEST Consultants provides a full range of hydrologic data collection and hydrographic stream survey services necessary for development of watershed management and stream restoration plans, monitoring of environmental conditions, and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

WEST Consultants along with River Measurement (a division of WEST Consultants) offer the following services:

  • ADCP Measurements
  • Bed Load Samples
  • Bed Material and Bank Samples
  • Design/Construct Stream Gaging Stations
  • Hydrographic Surveys
  • Instrumentation Selection/Installation
  • Meteorological Data Collection
  • Monitoring Network Operation & Maintenance
  • Reservoir Sedimentation Surveys
  • Streamflow Measurements
  • Streamflow Records
  • Suspended Sediment Samples

Partial Client List

  • Chehalis Flood Authority
  • City of Salem
  • City of Santa Fe
  • Clark Public Utilities
  • Clean Water Services
  • New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission