Monitoring Systems Engineering – City of Salem (OR)
The City of Salem operates a network of nine real-time stream gaging stations. River Measurement, a division of WEST Consultants, Inc., was contracted by the City to recommend gaging station improvements and provide training and support to the City monitoring staff.

River Measurement began by installing sturdy staff gages, crest-stage gages, and survey reference marks at each of the gaging stations. These upgrades were then surveyed using differential leveling to establish elevations for water level measurements. RM hydrographers conduct discharge measurements at high flow, at times when City monitoring staff are busy with other flood related duties.

River Measurement is providing training focused on gaging station operation and maintenance, discharge measurement techniques, streamflow record computations, rating analysis, surveying, and indirect measurement of peak flows. Currently, we are selecting locations for new stream gaging stations and will continue to support the City as they expand their stream monitoring program.