Stream Flow and Temperature Monitoring, Operation and Maintenance, for Clean Water Services (OR)
River Measurement, a division of WEST Consultants, Inc., was contracted to operate and maintain 28 continuous record stream gaging stations and 53 stations that record water temperature data. The stream gaging stations were previously operated by the Oregon Water Resources Department. Each station has a data logger and stage sensor. One station is operated jointly with the U.S. Geological Survey.

River Measurement surveys, installs, operates and maintains all water surface elevation monitoring equipment, flow measuring equipment, telemetry equipment, obtains discharge measurements, develops stage-discharge rating curves, performs data analysis, and computes 15-minute values of stage and flow at each station. Hourly, maximum, minimum, and mean daily water temperature is provided. Standard USGS methods and equipment are used to collect and compute data.

Recommendations are given for relocation of gaging stations and equipment upgrades at sites that have a history of missing or inaccurate data. New gaging stations are installed as needed.

Surveying services are provided to determine the bankfull depth at each stream gage site, and to measure the elevation of reference marks and staff gages at each site.