Oregon Dept. Of Corrections Xpswmm Junction City Facility Stormwater Analysis (OR)
Stormwater modeling using xpswmm software was performed for the design of a proposed 250-acre prison and hospital facility located south of Junction City, OR. The analysis, performed for the Oregon Department of Corrections, included pre-development, current, and proposed conditions scenarios.

The pre-development and current conditions modeling utilized extensive open channel and storage area modeling techniques. Various proposed conditions designs were evaluated and compared with baseline conditions to ensure that the proposed facility will meet stormwater regulations of Junction City.

Numerous iterations of stormwater detention facility components were modeled and evaluated.

Hydrologic modeling for the analysis was performed using the National Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Urban Hydrology for Small Watersheds (TR-55) methodology. Unsteady-state hydraulic computations were performed using the native xpstorm hydraulics engine.