Riviera Drive Stormdrain Project (OR)
WEST Consultants, Inc. prepared a hydraulic design for a 72-inch storm drain for the City of Salem, Oregon using the XP-SWMM software. The objective of the pipeline design was to the reduce flood damages to existing developments in the Salem Industrial Park area. An XP-SWMM model of the study area was developed to determine the basin hydrology and hydraulic performance of the proposed pipeline.

Hydrology for the study area was developed for storms ranging from the 10- to 100-year events. Methods and parameters from the RUNOFF module of existing XP-SWMM models of the study area were evaluated for use and revised as required. WEST performed the required hydraulic modeling analysis using the EXTRAN module of XP-SWMM. The objective of the hydraulic modeling was to determine the alignment, hydraulic capacity, and the amount of flow able to be diverted from the Salem Industrial Drive drainage system. The backwater effect of the Willamette River on the capacity of the storm drain was considered. Model runs were made for the range of storm events considered, including the 10 -, 25- and 100-year discharges.