San Diego Bay Sea Level Rise and Infrastructure: GIS Analysis, Mapping, and Visualization (CA)
WEST Consultants, Inc. performed a GIS analysis and provided maps and visualizations showing the impact of projected sea level rise on San Diego Bay. A digital terrain model (DTM) representing the “bare earth” surface condition was prepared from multiple data sources for the analysis. The interaction of modeled sea surfaces and the DTM was mapped, and 3D buildings representing the infrastructure features were draped on aerial photography, for visualizing rising sea levels. A 2-D visualization was generated of the interaction of the predicted year 2050 and 2100 sea level surfaces with the San Diego Bay infrastructure, including the airport, within a distance of two kilometers from the present-day shoreline. Graphics included perspective views of infrastructure flooding under the two scenarios in addition to plan views of the flood boundaries to show what the area will look like under these conditions.