Software Sales and Development

WEST Consultants specializes in the development of software.  Although primarily in support of H&H activities, WEST can also design programs and utilities for a variety of applications.   Software designers at WEST are proficient in Visual Basic, VBA, C++, C#, Java, Python, and Fortran. 

Over the years, WEST has compiled a large library of utilities and applications to automate, streamline, and generally improve the process of H&H modeling.  We have applications for assembling and sorting input data, externally controlling non-propriety software (i.e. automation) such as HEC-RAS, and compiling output data into useable formats.  These utilities and applications can be woven into custom-designed software and augmented as necessary to meet our clients’ needs.

Some of our applications have been combined and commercialized into software programs that are available for purchase.  RipRap and HBox are currently available from WEST Consultants.  Read more about these software programs by clicking the links on the right.