Hbox is a collection (or "toolbox") of applications and utilities that assist in hydraulic modeling. These are useful programs we (WEST) have collected over the years that we packaged into one program for convenience. One of the really nice features is Hbox's ability to communicate with an HEC-RAS project. For example, when computing Manning's n or Chezy C values in the Roughness Calculator, you can grab depths, energy slopes, and velocities right from the RAS output. You can do this for one cross section, or a reach of cross sections and Hbox will average the values over that reach. Examples of some of the utilities that can be found in Hbox are:

  • Normal and Critical Depth Tool for a Variety of Channel Shapes
  • Roughness Calculator for Manning’s n and Chezy C values-Including Vegetation Roughness.
  • Sediment Transport Capacity Computations.
  • Channel Bed Form Analysis for Sand Bed Streams.
  • Automated Lane’s Balance for Channel Response.
  • Dam Breach Parameters.
  • Lateral Weir Coefficients
  • Node Spacing and Time Steps
  • Convert HEC-6 to HEC-RAS Sediment
  • Additional Output Tables for HEC-RAS (Peak Flow/Stage Timing)

To order a licensed copy of Hbox, please contact us via email or phone: (503) 946-8536