Customized Reservoir and River Sedimentation Software for USACE

WEST created several software programs for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Omaha District, to help them track reservoir and river sedimentation. The Sieve Analysis Program takes sieve data from river or sediment samples and determines the grain size for % coarser than gradations, and then stores these data in HEC-DSS file format. The Cross Section Analysis Program reads in measured cross section data (distance versus elevation) for rivers and reservoirs. The program allows the data to be read in or stored in a variety of formats and computes various hydraulic properties based on the cross section data. The Area Capacity Program computes reservoir volume and surface area as a function of elevation. The original reservoir cross sections and planimeter data are used to determine the original reservoir volume; then the program uses updated cross section end areas to determine how much the reservoir area and volume has changed over time.