Other Courses

HEC-6 Scour and Deposition in Rivers and Reservoirs

This 3-day training class focuses on HEC-6, a one-dimensional movable boundary open channel flow numerical model designed to simulate and predict long-term trends of scour and/or deposition in a stream channel or reservoir. These changes might result from modifying the frequency and duration of the water discharge and/or stage of the stream or reservoir, or from modifying the channel geometry.

SCADA Training through WEST-EDI

Many irrigation districts use SCADA software to manage their canal systems. The heart of the WEST-EDI training system is a hydraulic model of the canal system. Researchers at the U.S. Arid Land Agricultural Research Center have created a method for connecting this hydraulic model directly to an existing SCADA system, without making changes to the SCADA software. The SCADA software then receives water levels and gate positions from the hydraulic model instead of the actual canal system. The WEST-EDI program improves on this system by allowing SCADA systems to communicate with HEC-RAS, allowing new operators to learn how to operate the canal and respond to emergency conditions. Using hydraulic simulation to train the operators allows emergency scenarios to be run without endangering the real canal. In addition, these scenarios can be re-run as the operator becomes proficient with operating the canal system.